Small town lost

Centralia, PA. A small town lost to a mine fire.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Centralia PA, Devils Fire - What "Silent Hill" should have been!

A bit of clarification on my book.

This story is based on an actual town legend and actual history. All historical details are factual, the demons represented are metaphorical. This is a unique story written on three levels. The first is the "campfire tale" level, basically just a fun novel to tell around the campfire. The second is the metaphorical level, where the demons represent the mining companies and mining interests and those fighting the demons represent the residents and others working for the miners and the town. The final and most important level is the overall reason for writing this novel - the personal beliefs of the author; on big business, politics religion and humanity in general. When you comprehend the story at this level you have read it correctly (it may take more than one reading to grasp the full complexity of the story.)